Tips from the Pros

Comment StartInvest in Fat Gripz and do all of your exercises with them. I have every thick barbell and cable attachment known to mankind at my gym.Comment Start


World famous strength coach, worked with players on all 32 NFL teams

Comment StartA big limiting factor in Crossfit is your grip strength affecting everything from olympic lifts to pull-ups - do as much axel bar or Fat Gripz work as possible to fix this.Comment Start


Olympic weight lifting champion and crossfit expert

Comment StartThey are tough as hell and fit on any regular weight training equipment better than anything else I have ever seen. Now you have no excuses for sporting your weak eleven-teen inch arms!Comment Start


Trainer of over 400 Olympic athletes, Olympic medalists in 17 different sports and numerous bodybuilders and stars of the NFL and NHL

Comment StartIf your back and legs can dead-lift 700lb, but your grip ends at 300lbs, your dead-lift is 300 lbs. When it comes to strength, you are only as strong as your weakest link and most strength athletes know that fact all too well.Comment Start

Will Brink

Strength trainer for US SWAT teams