Bankruptcy Software Made Easy

Using the best bankruptcy software to manage your insolvency process is critical.
flexClaim™ provides a comprehensive document preparation and process management platform that is easy to use and filled with features to assist in account preparation, electronic filing and collaboration. Powerful tools and logic embedded within the application maximizes returns while simultaneously creating
efficiencies throughout the process.

Import and Access Data Instantly

Advanced integration functionality allows users to obtain, import and manage data more efficiently. Data is automatically
imported and documents are attached and created at the account level for better portfolio management.

flexClaim™ data import choices offers a diverse process that auto-populates fields within the application. Augmenting this
process is direct integration with credit information, property values and lien registration information..

The Application

flexClaim™ is an all-in-one solution for insolvency case and portfolio management. This software will result in a more productive and organized practice. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, sed nec pretium vitae id eu, erat proin.

Resources and Support

Enhance your experience with flexClaim™’s customer support team that provides immediate responses to inquiries and questions related to the insolvency process. Realize effectively and efficiently on security through our national bailiff services.

Awesome Attributes

Customer Support

Every user interaction positively influences the flexClaim™ application. We believe customer service is our competitive advantage.

Powerful logic

flexClaim™ enables enhancements in work flow, improvement in exchange of information and advanced capabilities.

Proprietary Document Creation

Management of the insolvency process is a document-centric process. flexClaim™ provides an efficient and flexible platform that automates the document completion process.

Diagnostic Reports

flexClaim™ provides key control points in technology, financial transactions and financial management.

Reduced time for filing

flexClaim™ ensures the axis of delivering efficiencies an bringing value is continually maintained. Maximizing both for our clients is central to our superior performance.

Knowledge & Experience

The flexClaim™ executive team are eBusiness specialists with very strong backgrounds in information architecture and collaborative commerce solutions.